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This is how the banks are rewarding loyal Australian mortgage holders.

Posted by on 27 November 2017

Compare Now The Reserve Bank’s Head of Domestic Markets, Dr Marion Kohler, has revealed just how much the banks are rorting their loyal customers when it comes to home loans. Over the past two years, loyal owner-occupiers and investors have been stuck on increasingly poor rates, while the discount for new customers just seems to […]

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If Australia’s Property Boom is Over What Does It Mean for Your Mortgage?

Posted by on 16 November 2017

With higher interest rates and tighter lending restrictions on the way, Australians are being urged to prepare for a market downturn. Compare Now Global investment bank UBS has been the first to cry downturn after Sydney home prices fell for the 2nd consecutive month. The historic call follows weak clearance rates alongside either a drop […]

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If Your Mortgage Rate Doesn’t Start With a 3, You’re Overpaying

Posted by on 3 October 2017

Despite low interest rates, many Aussies still overpaying on their home loans Compare Now Millions of Australians are paying too much for their home loans, even though a lower interest rate is available. In fact, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) estimates that the average Aussie is paying at least half a percentage point more […]

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Would you struggle to pay your mortgage if rates went up? Do this before it’s too late.

Posted by on 29 September 2017

Smart Aussies are already taking this easy step. Compare Now Right now Australians owe, on average, around $2 for every $1 they earn. This is because record low interest rates have justifiably encouraged us to feel safe taking on more debt. But a growing chorus of financial experts are warning that a rate rise is […]

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How Half a Percent Could Save You $41,996.77 On Your Home Loan

Posted by on 28 September 2017

New Comparison Site Allows Aussies to Compare Loans from 25 Providers Compare Now It’s hard to believe, but the difference a few percentage points can make on your mortgage is astronomical. For example, on a $500,000 loan, the difference between paying 4.5% on your home loan and paying 4% works out to a staggering $41,996.77 […]

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Is your home loan safe from Australia’s $1.6 trillion debt bomb?

Posted by on 25 September 2017

With interest rates at risk of rising 50 basis points in a stagnating economy Aussies should be worried. Compare Now Experts at ANZ are predicting that the Reserve Bank of Australia will bring in two rate rises by this time next year. This has sparked fears that house prices will fall and Aussies will be […]

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The dirty little home loan secret costing you thousands

Posted by on 19 September 2017

Banks traditionally overcharge on mortgages, profiting from homeowners who don’t shop around. Compare Now New research has revealed that the average advertised rate for a variable principal & interest loan is 5.2 percent, while the average rate paid is lower than 4.4 percent.* This difference may seem small to you, but it means that if […]

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Do you have a variable home loan? You need to read this

Posted by on 11 September 2017

Expert predicts mortgage rates to climb to 3.5 percent, so it’s a good time to compare home loans. Compare Now Mortgage rates could be on the verge of skyrocketing over the next two years, if one expert’s predictions prove to be true. John Edwards, former board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia, has warned […]

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Big banks drowning Aussies with mortgage rate rises but there’s relief in sight.

Posted by on 11 September 2017

Cash rate stays low but banks are raking in the profits by raising rates on Aussie homeowners. Compare Now Aussie homeowners are being fleeced by profit-gouging banks, who are hiking mortgage rates without warning. Despite the RBA cash rate remaining at a record low, rates have gone up on 4.3 million variable rate home loans.* […]

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Home loan rates tipped to rise. Here’s how to save…

Posted by on 21 August 2017

Aussie mortgage holders taking advantage of the chance to save before a tipped RBA rate rise Compare Now The Reserve Bank of Australia has given homeowners a major clue that a rate rise could be in the works. In its most recent public statement, the RBA indicated that rising household debt is a major concern, […]

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