Last updated on 25th January 2022

Is your home loan safe from Australia’s $1.6 trillion debt bomb?

With interest rates at risk of rising 50 basis points in a stagnating economy Aussies should be worried.


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Experts at ANZ are predicting that the Reserve Bank of Australia will bring in two rate rises by this time next year. This has sparked fears that house prices will fall and Aussies will be left with mortgage debts they’ll be unable to pay.

If interest rates go up, housing prices could fall around 10 per cent. This means that you could suddenly be stuck having paid more for a house that could cost you exponentially more as time goes on. But there are ways for Aussies to protect themselves, and it starts with making sure the rate you’re on right now is the lowest available. makes it easy to compare home loans from Australia’s leading lenders. We provide you with free custom quotes and can even negotiate loan terms on your behalf to fight for that lower rate.

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The Australian Financial Review estimates that there is around $1.6 trillion of debt in the residential property market. If the RBA raises interest rates this could trigger a market crash leaving Aussies with a huge debt that they could struggle to repay in the face of rising costs.

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