Last updated on 25th January 2022

Big banks drowning Aussies with mortgage rate rises but there’s relief in sight.

Cash rate stays low but banks are raking in the profits by raising rates on Aussie homeowners.


New Comparison Site Allows Aussies to Compare Loans from 25 Providers

Aussie homeowners are being fleeced by profit-gouging banks, who are hiking mortgage rates without warning. Despite the RBA cash rate remaining at a record low, rates have gone up on 4.3 million variable rate home loans.*

If you’ve been hit with the shock of an unexpected rate hike, there’s still a way you can outwit the big banks and save on your home loan. Use to cut through the mortgage madness by instantly comparing rates from over 25 of Australia’s leading lenders.

It’s a move that could save you time and money, no matter how large your home loan. The service was launched to help Aussies find an affordable mortgage from a lender they can trust. Home loans can be complicated, which is part of the reason it’s so easy for banks to profit on their customers.

Banks have been raking in cash as Aussies scrape together enough to pay the rising mortgage costs. In fact, nearly nine out of ten homeowners with variable rate mortgages have been slammed with a rate rise over the last two years.*

These rate hikes often come at a time that borrowers are feeling secure in their mortgages, having arranged a good rate that is in proportion to the low cash rate. Then out of the blue the bank raises their rates, throwing an already-tight family budget into a tailspin. gives you a way to find a cheaper home loan and make the switch without tearing your hair out. The free online service includes personalised advice from a mortgage expert, so you aren’t negotiating rates on your own. When you’re ready to switch over and save, your broker will be there to help with all the paperwork over the phone or in person.

Unlike the mortgage advisers who work for the big banks, the financial advisers with work for you, so they’re focused on finding the best deal from a range of lenders. You’ll have your pick of the lowest rates from thousands of loan options, rather than being limited to what one bank can offer you.

Thousands of Aussies have visited to see how easy it is to lower mortgage repayments without wasting time. Many users find that they’re able to save even more than they expected, a welcome relief from paying too much. Compare today to find a better deal on your home loan, before your bank hits you with another rate rise.

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