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Breaking: Interest Rates at Historic Lows! Are You Overpaying On Your Home Loan?

The Reserve Bank has cut the official interest rate to a historic lows in Australia.  Because of RBA rate cuts, homeowners throughout the country are now benefitting from mortgage rates that are lower than any time in history.  Financial experts warn, however, that many homeowners who have not refinanced older lows are significantly overpaying for their home mortgages.

The drop in interest rates makes it possible for homeowners to get dramatically lower interest on a home mortgage obtained now as compared with mortgages obtained just a few years prior.  Many homeowners throughout Australia are unaware of the historic low rates or have not yet taken steps to refinance their home mortgage to take advantage of RBA’s dramatic rate reductions.  Experts within the real estate and financial sectors warn that these homeowners are missing out on unprecedented opportunities to lock in low rates for the remainder of their mortgage term.

Homeowners who have not yet taken action need to move forward with exploring refinance opportunities before interest rates climb higher. makes it possible for homeowners to easily comparison shop among 100s of different loans from more than 25 lenders.  In-house financial expert NAME indicates that the opportunity to comparison shop allows homeowners to receive the maximum benefit from the historic low rates. Homeowners may compare loan terms, interest rates and refinance costs from different lenders to find the best overall deal.

Thousands of homeowners have taken advantage of comparison-shopping services provided by to significantly reduce interest rates and to drop their monthly payments.  Financial experts warn homeowners who have not yet begun the process of comparing mortgage refinance loans that they are spending unnecessary funds each month on high interest that could be better used to accomplish other financial goals. can take care of paperwork for homeowners and can provide personalized advice tailored to individual consumers interested in a home refinance to take advantage of historic low rates.

Financial professionals can provide tailored, expert advice to make the refinance process simple. There is no obligation and no cost to using to take advantage of historic low interest rates.  Homeowners must act now to stop overpaying on home loans and to reap benefits associated with record low interest.

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