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Purchasing an Investment Property? New Service Lets Aussies Compare Home Loans

Many Aussies have turned to the purchase of investment properties to take advantage of rising real estate values. Investment properties provide the benefit of property appreciation and passive income. Historic low interest rates have driven mortgage costs lower, making investment in real estate more attractive than ever before.

Purchasers of investment properties must comparison shop to find the best overall loan terms in order to maximize the chances of profitable investments. Financial experts recommend using online services to conduct a review of different mortgage loan products for the purchase of investment property.

A new service is making it easier for investors in commercial and residential investment properties to maximize the possibility of getting the best loan deal.  Thousands of investors in real estate have secured favorable financing for their investment properties through the use of makes it simple for investors to compare 100s of different loan products offered by more than 25 different lending institutions.  Because of the busy schedules of many real estate investment professionals and many novice real estate investors, has developed a way to streamline the process by completing negotiation and paperwork for investors making a property purchase. The process of comparing, applying for and obtaining loans has become faster and easier, allowing real estate investors to save significant money and time.

Investors in real estate property are advised by financial professionals to seek personalized advice when comparison shopping for a loan product. has in-house financial experts who provide face-to-face advice or who offer advice over the phone on loan products and investment financing opportunities that make financial sense for investors.  Consultations and services provided through are obligation and cost free, which makes this new service especially valuable for risk-averse investors who want to complete due diligence before moving forward with a loan commitment.

Investors who wish to maximize profitability and obtain the most advantageous financing terms should not hesitate to explore the new services offered by  Beginning the process today gets investors on the path towards a sound financial investment.

Here’s How You Do It:

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Step 2: After answering a few questions, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes in your area and could be eligible for significant savings.