10 Ways To Revamp An Old House Without Losing Its Charm


Charming old house vs. cutting-edge and modern: Do we really have to choose one over the other?

Revamping an old house doesn’t mean you have to say farewell to its charm. You can still have all the character you first fell in love with, plus add contemporary finishes for a timeless yet modern look.

Here are 10 ways to revamp an old house without losing its charm.

1. Paint The Walls

Say farewell to yellowing walls, or worse—paisley wallpaper—and give the house a fresh lick of paint.

A new coat of paint is like an unexpected renovation. The time and cost is miniscule compared to the impressive impact.

If your house is in need of a revamp, keep the traditional trimmings and simply repaint to make the space look brand-new without losing its vintage appeal.

2. Go White

Don’t know what colour paint to choose? Go white. Essentially, go white on white.

Painting everything white makes a home look bright and fresh. While the house remains the same old-school build, white gives you the freedom to introduce new standout pieces of modern furniture for an instant home refresh.

3. Give Furniture an Overhaul

If your furniture is looking a bit sad, consider a makeover. Revamped furniture is a great way to keep that old-school character within a modern house.

Vintage dressing tables, bedside tables, drawers, stools, and dining tables can look new with a fresh coat of paint. Old chairs or couches can be reupholstered for a modern fabric on old legs. Try putting new lampshades on old table lamps or repurpose an old ladder as a funky towel rack.

4. Hold Onto Handles and Railings

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring the most powerful impact, like the charming door handles and railings carved to perfection from yesteryear.

While your cupboards and doors may need a repaint to freshen up, hold onto the handles and railings for a touch of old-school character throughout your home. It’s these small details that can go a long way.

5. Open Up Your Living Space

Older homes tend to have smaller entranceways, making the flexibility of open plan living harder to achieve.

If it’s within the budget, consider knocking down the walls connecting the living area with the kitchen and dining room.

Respect the flow of the house, but try to keep some nooks and crannies for a charming breakfast lounge or reading nook. You’ll still have touches of the home’s original design with the modern lifestyle and flow of open plan living.

6. Update The Lighting, Not The Switches

Never underestimate the power of lighting. It can bring a room to life with a simple flick of the switch.

If you’re running a schoolhouse pendant or a very yellow-looking light bulb, upgrade to some LEDs but keep the classic light switches to preserve the original look of the house.

You’ll still get the charming details from a vintage home, just with a more functional and reliable light system.

7. Mix Modern with Longstanding Furniture

Every household has those beloved items they simply cannot part with—think vintage coffee table, grandma’s antique clock, and the classic rocking chair.

While they may be from days gone by, they still have their place in modern interior. You might be surprised how old-fashioned pieces blend in with modern furniture, giving off an edgy, one-of-a-kind vibe to your home without feeling dated.

Keep the family heirlooms and make old features stand out in a modern home.

8. Embrace The Old Stuff

When revamping an old home, you might think you need to get rid of traditional cringe-worthy features such as stained glass, decorative mouldings, or sash windows.

Try the opposite and highlight them!

If these old features have been neglected over the years, give them a clean and polish and embrace their vintage charm. They should scrub up nicely. Keep the rest of the room simple and clean, so these statement pieces can make a real impact.

9. Update The Accessories

Basic decorations such as floor rugs, curtains, cushions, and picture frames can make a room feel dated and dull.

Wipe away the cobwebs by donating these items to a local charity shop and invest in fresh pieces to introduce contemporary materials to the works.

You’ll still be keeping your home’s classic structure and charm, just with a fresher interior.

10. Save The Floors

If you have wooden floors older than most forests, save a tree and hold onto it.

Most often than not, you’ll discover some beautiful and smooth wooden floors after a good sand down. If they need more attention, consider painting over them for an effortless coastal-chic vibe.

Use these ten tips to transform your hidden gem into a striking combination of old and new. Your property may be even more charming than you first thought!