Big Ideas for Small Bedrooms: 5 Design Tips You’ll Love


You’re in love with the place, you’re all moved in and you’re happy in your new neighbourhood.

There’s just one problem…your bedroom’s not big enough!

Having a small bedroom can seem like the end of the world, but it really doesn’t have to be. The key is to think outside the box on ways you can maximise space to design a bedroom that feels cosy, spacious and sleek.

Luckily there’s a wealth of small bedroom ideas and furniture layout inspiration out there. We’ve compiled the best of the best design tips to help you out with your small bedroom furniture layout design ideas.

So whether it’s room for storage you’re worrying about or how to wedge in your essential king double bed, here are five ways to make it easier for you.

1. Elevate your bed.

When it comes down to nuts and bolts, a bedroom should be a place to sleep and relax. The bed is therefore the most important feature. Unfortunately, beds take up a lot of floor space. That’s most likely the reason you’re struggling to fit in any other furniture.

The solution: Lift your bed higher up off the floor and use the space underneath for storage. You can do this either by purchasing ‘risers’ that simply attach to the four heels of your bed, or by switching to a fancy bunk bed. Yes, there is such a thing as an adult loft bed and they’re actually pretty stylish. This is one of the trendier small bedroom furniture layout ideas.

Hot tip: If you’re able to elevate your bed high enough, you could easily install a wardrobe or clothing drawers underneath. That way, you have the rest of your bedroom for any other furniture you want, like a bookshelf, TV stand or even a dresser.

2. Don’t forget about flat décor!

Just because your bedroom’s small, it doesn’t have to be plain or boring. Many people give up, resigning themselves to using a small bedroom like it’s a dungeon only for sleeping in.

But some of the most elegant and stylish touches can take up minimal space. What do mirrors, artworks and rugs have in common? They’re all relatively flat! Explore the possibilities. You could drape a tapestry from wall to wall for a burst of colour or swap those chunky curtains for minimalistic bamboo blinds.

Hot tip: A mirror has the ability to make a room appear much larger than it is – and it barely takes up any space! One of the smartest small bedroom ideas is to install mirrors on your sliding wardrobe doors. You won’t believe the impact this can make.

3. Choose ‘floating’ shelves.

Whether you’re a bookworm or constantly adding to a collection of framed photos, most of us have personal knick-knacks we like to display in our bedrooms. After all, it’s the most personal room in the house and you can afford to give it a bit of character.

Standing floor shelves are great for storing things like books, framed photographs, ornaments and other possessions but they do take up valuable floor space. This can make your room appear much smaller. A better idea is to screw ‘floating’ shelves to the wall.

Hot tip: As an extra perk, set up your own ‘floating’ shelves for more design potential. You don’t need to stick to the traditional rectangular up-and-down shape. You can create asymmetrical patterns on the wall, use cubes, or choose different types of materials to suit the aesthetic of your bedroom. Try oak, beech or even metal for a more industrial look.

4. Consider fold-out furniture.

It may take a handy person to be able to build this with finesse, but if you’re up for the job you’ll be glad you did. Fold-out furniture is by far the best way to maximise space in a small bedroom.

It refers to items that are stored flat and then hinged out into full structures when being used. Some great ideas include ditching your large dressing table for a fold-out desk behind your wardrobe door with a mirror attached or having a desk with a slide-out panel for when you need extra space.

Hot tip: You may not need to get out the drill and screws – many larger home design retailers sell this kind of furniture. Try IKEA.

5. Find inspiration from those who like to live small.

It’s been said that Japan’s insanely tiny homes could very well be the future of cities. Here in Australia, more and more people – affectionately called “grey nomads” – are ditching the two-story beach house for a caravan.

Wherever you look, it seems people are beginning to love living small. And why not? It’s less wasteful. It’s cosy and compact. It’s typically easier to clean. Smaller spaces are often less costly to purchase and maintain. They reduce the tendency for mindless materialism and encourage a more streamlined lifestyle.

Instead of feeling challenged over your small bedroom, try to shift to a more positive and open-minded perspective. There are plenty of small bedroom ideas to help with the design of your space – from elegantly minimalist to artsy and cute.

Hot tip: Start with a Google image or Pinterest search using search terms like ‘small bedroom ideas’ and set off on a visual design journey. Save pictures of the small bedrooms you like best and get inspired to transform your own.