18 Tips to Organise Your Wardrobe For Spring


Got nothing to wear?

It’s a common modern-day dilemma, but the solution doesn’t involve shopping. All it takes is a wardrobe spring clean. You’ll see your clothes in a whole new light and might even find some old gems you forgot about.

Here are 18 ways to organise your wardrobe for our spring.

1. Declutter

The first step to a wardrobe spring clean is to go through every drawer, box, and coat hanger and get rid of unwanted goods. Create four piles: yes, no, sell and customise. 

Take your ‘no’ pile to an op-shop. For newer, valuable items in the ‘sell’ pile, try selling them online or at a garage sale. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to sew up a hole in your favourite dress? Fix or customise any pieces you’ll actually wear again.

2. Get Cleaning

While cleaning out your wardrobe (no judgement if you get distracted trying on your high school graduation outfit) don’t forget to clean out the empty space. Vacuum, dust and wipe shelves to start fresh.

3. Seasonal Clothes to the Front

There’s no need for winter coats be front and centre when the sun is shining outside. Store last season’s stuff in a large box, place it up the back and move the current season’s fashion to the front.

4. Hello, Hooks!

Save precious space and hang up odd bits like scarfs or sarongs on a hook. Affix the hook to the back of a door, the back of the closet wall, or wherever you can use dead space.

5. Get Creative with Cupboards

Not enough cupboard space for all your clothes? Try pretty yet practical storage solutions like cane baskets, colourful buckets or even vintage suitcases.

6. Venture into the Bedroom

The best part about stylish storage solutions is that they look chic on open shelves. Avoid over-cramming your wardrobe and bring baskets out to the bedroom. Pro tip: place a decorative ladder against the wall to hang towels or scarves. 

7. Hang Like a Pro

Choose the right hangers to avoid fallen clothes and a messy wardrobe. Spaghetti straps get notched hangers, delicate tops get padded ones and slippery silks get velvet.

8. Hang Your Rod Higher

Don’t you hate it when your maxi dresses drape onto the floor? Just pop your rod higher and keep the long garments out of the way to the side. You’ll be able to squeeze in another set of drawers, or even another hanging rod below. Score! 

9. Use the Door

Put some hooks or bars on the back of the door and hang some awkward items that can’t be folded, like hats, handbags or belts. 

10. Get Rid of Moisture

Nobody likes mouldy clothes or shoes. Add a small dehumidifier to your wardrobe to soak up excess moisture and keep your stuff looking (and smelling) fresh and clean.

11. Box Up Shoes

If you’ve got enough pairs of shoes to dress a centipede, we get it. We also understand the dilemma of storage. Well, turns out cardboard boxes are the best place for your beloved shoes. They prevent dust and allow your shoes to breathe. Store your most commonly worn shoes in the most accessible box, and the least worn up the back.

12. Use Shoe Organisers for Other Things

Those hanging shoe organisers are super handy  but don’t feel restricted to storing only shoes in there. Rolled up cardigans or jeans will fit snug in each little pocket.

13. File Your Clutches

You know those file organisers you get from stationery shops? Use them to store your clutches. Genius.

14. Treat your Wardrobe Like Another Room

After all, you use it every day. Make sure it’s a nice place to be. Pay attention to lighting, wall colour, and flooring. Add a mirror, piece of art or wallpaper. Just stay clear of decorative books, flowers or other pieces which will take up valuable space and collect dust.

15. Zip It

Gravity stretches your clothes if they’re sitting pretty on a coat hanger over time. Avoid mismatched lengths by zipping up your dresses and skirts, and button up your tops so they don’t droop unevenly

16. Colour Code

It may seem over the top, but colour-coding your clothes is easy to do and makes selecting items so much faster. Feeling blue? Head straight to that section of the closet. Looking for a specific red top? You know where to start. 

17. Customise Organisation Methods

Hate folding trousers? Loathe hanging up long dresses? Don’t do it. Find out what works for you when it comes to storing your clothes, otherwise, you’re likely to just throw the trousers over a chair and leaving your maxi dresses in a crumpled pile in the corner. 

18. Use Shelf Dividers

Never underestimate the power of a shelf divider. They keep folded clothes and accessories neat and in place, all without taking up any space.