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End of the big four’s glory years? The Royal Commission’s findings could see a move towards boutique banks

Friday, May 3 2019

Turns out, trust plays a massive factor in where Aussies choose to take out loans. Get Started The verdict’s in. Aussies’ trust in banks is at an all-time low. A recent survey found that only 1 in 5 Australians believe banks act ethically, while a mere 1 in 4 think banks take responsibility for mistakes […]

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Why are borrowers leaving the banks for boutique lenders?

Thursday, February 21 2019

Tighter lending standard introduced after the Royal Commission have put banks under the spotlight. This, as well as efforts by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to slow growth to investment lending, have made it difficult for borrowers to get a home loan. This crackdown is in place to reduce the likelihood of customers defaulting […]

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Four largest Australian banks under fire for skyrocketing rates

Friday, January 25 2019

NAB’s decision to raise the home loan interest rate could cost Aussies thousands of dollars extra.* Get Started NAB has announced that it is ceding its promise to hold current standard variable rates, with changes coming into effect from the 31st of January, 2019. In a statement released on the 24th of January, the big […]

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Rate Watch 2019: Three Of The Big Four Banks Push Interest Rate Hike To Customers

Wednesday, September 26 2018

After years of historic lows, interest rate rises are set to add thousands to Aussie mortgages. This is how to protect your loan. Get Started First, it was Westpac, now ANZ and CBA have followed through with an out-of-cycle interest rate hike that’s set to add hundreds a year to Aussie mortgage repayments*. Typically a […]

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The First Domino: Aussies rush to fix their loans as The Big Four start hiking rates

Friday, August 31 2018

After years of historic lows, interest rates are finally going up. This is how to protect your loan. Compare Now Westpac is the first big four bank to increase its rates, passing on a rise in operational costs straight to consumers. The bank and its subsidiary St George are adding .14% to their variable rate, […]

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Home Loan Hunger Games: Why Half Of Aussie Borrowers Are Leaving The Major Banks

Friday, June 22 2018

Property investors are leading the charge as Aussies vote with their feet and leave the banks behind. Get Started With the Royal Commission into Australia’s banks in full swing, property owners are voting with their feet. Data from a new AFG report has shown that more people than ever before are choosing to take out […]

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This is how the banks are rewarding loyal Australian mortgage holders.

Monday, November 27 2017

Compare Now The Reserve Bank’s Head of Domestic Markets, Dr Marion Kohler, has revealed just how much the banks are rorting their loyal customers when it comes to home loans. Over the past two years, loyal owner-occupiers and investors have been stuck on increasingly poor rates, while the discount for new customers just seems to […]

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If Australia’s Property Boom is Over What Does It Mean for Your Mortgage?

Thursday, November 16 2017

With higher interest rates and tighter lending restrictions on the way, Australians are being urged to prepare for a market downturn. Compare Now Global investment bank UBS has been the first to cry downturn after Sydney home prices fell for the 2nd consecutive month. The historic call follows weak clearance rates alongside either a drop […]

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If Your Mortgage Rate Doesn’t Start With a 3, You’re Overpaying

Tuesday, October 3 2017

Despite low interest rates, many Aussies still overpaying on their home loans Compare Now Millions of Australians are paying too much for their home loans, even though a lower interest rate is available. In fact, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) estimates that the average Aussie is paying at least half a percentage point more […]

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Would you struggle to pay your mortgage if rates went up? Do this before it’s too late.

Friday, September 29 2017

Smart Aussies are already taking this easy step. Compare Now Right now Australians owe, on average, around $2 for every $1 they earn. This is because record low interest rates have justifiably encouraged us to feel safe taking on more debt. But a growing chorus of financial experts are warning that a rate rise is […]

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