Terms Of Use

What is a credit guide?

Our QuickSelect credit guide provides preliminary information to you, a customer of QuickSelect. This credit guide gives you important information about the products which we offer, and provides you with an understanding of what to expect from us when we provide credit to you. All of our obligations under the National Consumer Credit Code will be presented to you in the credit guide. In this document, the words “we”, “us”, “our” and “QuickSelect” refer to QuickSelect mortgage brokerage.

What does a credit guide encompass?

Our credit guide details:

The regulations under the National Credit Act that we follow.
The fees and charges payable by you.
The commissions that we pay and receive.
The panel of lenders we deal with.
Our complaint procedure and external dispute resolution.
Our contact details.

We will provide you with a credit guide before engaging in credit activities with you.

Select QuickSelect Credit Guide to view our credit guide.