Lenders We Compare

anz westpac
ANZ Banking Group
Another of Australia’s best-known lenders, ANZ offers a full range of financial products and services in Australia and New Zealand. In July 2003, five of its loans were rated by the independent Cannex rating service as “five-star” – the highest rating available.
This major Australian lender provides banking, investment, insurance and other financial services and can trace its origins all the way back to 1817. Three of its products ranked in the top ten in their categories in Your Mortgage magazine’s2003 Mortgage of the Year awards.
nab commonwealth
National Australia Bank
National Australia Bank Group is a financial services organisation with over 12,000,000 customers and 50,000 people, operating more than 1,750 stores and Service Centres globally.
Commonwealth Bank
In 1911 The Commonwealth Bank was founded under the Commonwealth Bank Act, beginning operations a year later in 1912, as both a savings a general banking business. With more than 800,000 shareholders Commonwealth bank now employs more than 52,000 people. The Commonwealth Bank was also winner of Innovative Mortgage Product of the Year in 2011 at the Australian Banking and Finance Awards.
ing bankwest
ING Direct
Part of one of the world’s largest banks, ING Direct was named Best Bank in 2001 by Your Mortgage magazine. Its loans ranked among the top ten bank loans in every category of Your Mortgage magazine’s 2003 Mortgage of the Year awards.
A leading Western Australian lender building a national presence, BankWest is a subsidiary of Halifax Building Society. In July 2003, seven of its loans were rated by the independent Cannex rating service as “five-star” – the highest rating available. Three of its products ranked in the top ten in their categories in Your Mortgage magazine’s 2003 Mortgage of the Year awards.
suncorp stgeorge
The Suncorp Group is one of Australia’s leaders in banking, insurance, investment and superannuation. The Suncorp Group is Australia’s sixth largest bank. The Group focuses on retail consumers and small to medium businesses.
St George Bank
Australia’s fifth largest bank, St George won Your Mortgage
magazine’s Best New Product of the Year award for 2003. Nine of its loans ranked in the top ten in their categories in Your Mortgage magazine’s 2003 Mortgage of the Year awards.
macquarie pepper
Macquarie was founded in 1969 operating in over 28 countries. Macquarie group is a global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and fund management services with assets under management of $A327 billion as at 30 September 2011. Macquarie Group focuses on providing a diversified range of services to clients.
Pepper Home Loans
Pepper Home loans is a specialist residential mortgage lender that offers genuine alternatives to the rigid lending criteria used by traditional lenders and can help those who have difficulties obtaining a mortgage through others.
me-bank adelaide bank
Me Bank
ME Bank is a 100% Australian owned, APRA regulated Bank. Established by industry super funds – the same people who brought low cost, no commission super. They are proudly built to provide a genuine banking alternative – a fairer way to bank. ME Bank’s products are straightforward, easy-to-understand and transparent.
Adelaide Bank
Adelaide Bank has been in operation for more than 100 years, merging with Bendigo Bank in 2007 to form Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited (BEN), a top six Australian Bank with over 82,000 shareholders. Adelaide Bank have a vision to deliver well-designed, value for money lending solutions, as well as a stress free experience to consumers and their chosen advisers. Adelaide Bank have an award winning mortgage division servicing the third party mortgage industry, including originators, brokers and mortgage managers.
citibank collins
Citibank in Australia is part of Citigroup, one of the world’s largest financial services organisations. Citibank commenced consumer operations in Australia in 1985 when it was the first foreign bank to be granted a banking licence.
Collins Securities
Collins Securities is one of Australia’s largest and oldest non bank home loan lenders, providing home loans across Australia since 1993. In that time it has gained a reputation for offering a multitude of products that suits just about every individual requirement.
firstmac folio-mortgage-finance
Firstmac Ltd is a wholly Australian owned financial institution with 30 years experience in home and investment loans. They manage $5 billion in mortgages and $150 million in cash investments through offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Singapore.
Bluestone Mortgages
Bluestone Mortgages want to help more people buy their own home or investment property. That is why they have designed a range of loan products for people that are having difficulty sourcing finance from mainstream lenders. They always treat customers as individuals and make decisions based on their circumstances and not their credit score.
homeloans-ltd homeside
Homeloans Limited
Homeloans Limited has been in the industry for more than 25 years providing Australians with a lending alternative to the banks. Homeloans Limited were recognised as Australia’s best Non-Bank Lender at the 2011 Australian Lending Awards and the 2010 Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Excellence award. Specialising in home loans, Homeloans Limited source funds from a range of secure institutions, offering a range of products to suit all types of borrowers.
Beyond Bank
They are one of Australia’s largest customer owned banks, with assets under management over $4 billion, 195,000 customers, 49 branches, access to over 3,000 rediATM’s and 600 staff. They provide personal and business banking services along with financial planning to their customers ensuring they are able to support prosperity for the many.
IdenGroup-small la-trobe
Iden Group
Iden Group is a privately owned company and a leading provider of financial service products to finance brokers and their members Australia wide. They are responsible for all the key areas of the loan process, and as a result are able to deliver a superior service experience to customers, both brokers and borrowers.
LaTrobe Financial
Since 1952 LaTrobe Financial have successfully managed over 10 billion of institutional and retail investor mandates, in stable residential and commercial mortgage assets, giving you peace of mind about their performance. Their aim is to satisfy through their “clients come first” focus, with responsive and innovative services.
liberty-small MKM_capital_logo-small
Liberty Financial
Liberty Financial is one of the leading finance companies in Australia and New Zealand. Since 1997 they have been offering home loans to customers who didn’t satisfy the strict lending criteria of the big banks. Today they offer a wide range of loans, and are an alternative that offers innovative solutions at competitive prices to support customers with greater choice and freedom.
MKM Capital
Founded in 2004, MKM has evolved into an established provider of the full range of non-conforming offerings. MKM’s products are designed for circumstances that require an alternative and flexible approach. MKM undertakes the full operational process for its loans, and is a full member of the MFAA and Credit
Ombudsman and holds the necessary NCCP licenses to extend credit nationally.
paramount teachers-mutual-bank
Australia’s premier second tier lending specialist; Paramount specialises in true non-conventional loans like Lo-doc, No-doc and Credit impaired borrowing needs.
Teachers Mutual Bank
Teachers Mutual Bank was established in 1966 by teachers, for teachers. They are committed to helping you save money, build wealth and enjoy financial wellbeing throughout your life time.
victorian-mortgage-group wide-bay-aus
Victorian Mortgage Group
VMG is a family owned and managed business that has been lending a hand to Australian borrowers since 1946. For over 60 years, they have consistently applied a flexible approach to the assessment of clients’ finances, and have financed more than 30,000 dwellings. At VMG they ensure clients get the personalised treatment they deserve.
Auswide Bank (formerly Wide Bay Australia) is helping Australians achieve home ownership, create wealth, access banking & financial services that make their life easier and help them to protect their assets and loved ones from financial loss or hardship. They’ve been around for over 50 years and provide an extensive range of personal and business banking products and services issued directly or in partnership with leading service providers via branches, strategic relationships and online & digital channels.
wide-bay-aus amp
Heritage Bank
Heritage is Australia’s largest customer-owned bank. With a history going back to 1875, they’ve always been in the business of helping Australians realise their financial dreams and enrich their lives. As a customer-owned bank, instead of paying dividends to shareholders, their profits go towards giving their customers competitive interest rates and lower (or no) fees whenever we can. They call this the People first way of doing business.
AMP Banking
For more than 150 years, AMP has been helping Australians reach their financial goals and create the lives they want for themselves. AMP Banking continues the tradition. It’s a new way of banking. It doesn’t have branches; instead they work with you directly, to provide top line home loans, everyday and savings accounts, credit cards and business banking. What does it mean for you? More efficient and relevant service – so you get what you need faster.article-ending