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Four largest Australian banks under fire for skyrocketing rates

Posted by on 25 January 2019

NAB’s decision to raise the home loan interest rate could cost Aussies thousands of dollars extra.* Get Started NAB has …

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The First Domino: Aussies rush to fix their loans as The Big Four start hiking rates

Posted by on 31 August 2018

After years of historic lows, interest rates are finally going up. This is how to protect your loan. Compare Now …

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Home Loan Hunger Games: Why Half Of Aussie Borrowers Are Leaving The Major Banks

Posted by on 22 June 2018

Property investors are leading the charge as Aussies vote with their feet and leave the banks behind. Get Started With …

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Would you struggle to pay your mortgage if rates went up? Do this before it’s too late.

Posted by on 29 September 2017

Smart Aussies are already taking this easy step. Compare Now Right now Australians owe, on average, around $2 for every …

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How Half a Percent Could Save You $41,996.77 On Your Home Loan

Posted by on 28 September 2017

New Comparison Site Allows Aussies to Compare Loans from 25 Providers Compare Now It’s hard to believe, but the difference …

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The dirty little home loan secret costing you thousands

Posted by on 19 September 2017

Banks traditionally overcharge on mortgages, profiting from homeowners who don’t shop around. Compare Now New research has revealed that the …

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Save cash by comparing home loans quarterly

Posted by on 13 July 2017

Australian home owners should be reviewing their home loans every three months, not every year, if they want to find …

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5 smart ways to reduce your home loan

Posted by on 3 July 2017

Paying off your home loan may seem like an impossible task, but it could be within your reach sooner than …

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Bargain hunters dropping the ball on the mortgage

Posted by on 3 July 2017

Aussies love a bargain, but many are still missing out on a better deal on their home loan, according to …

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Homeowners borrowing dangerous amounts when taking out a mortgage

Posted by on 26 June 2017

If forced to choose between your mortgage payment and putting dinner on the table, what would you do? It’s a …

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